Wet on Wet Oils exercises (skies and mountains)

I finally (somehow) managed to get around the excessively wet background when dealing with Bob Ross’s wet on wet oils technique. As far as I can tell, the secret is all in applying as little paint as possible, same for the white medium, which I made up mixing titanium white and linseed oil in roughly 50/50 proportion. Got a very small amount on the brush, and put it on the canvas with circular motion, keeping the brush itself perpendicular to the surface. Having a light striking on it, I could tell which areas had too much by the excessive sheen on them.
The canvas was actually not completely white, but definitely dirty because of previous tests, that’s why the following look, needless to say, “polluted” 😀

cloudscape_test mountainscape_ww_test

Yes, the foreground mountain is totally off, and the snow in the shadow part is reflecting a blue sky that is not there 😀 Still, the point was getting it on evenly and letting it fall off the palette knife nicely.again_mountainscapeIn this one, I brushed in the background peaks using a filbert only, to try to achieve a (somehow) depth of field effect. Might be eccessively blurred though!