Welcome everyone!

Self Portrait Sketch

…Me 😀

Hey everybody! I’m Fabio, nice to meet you! Well, I usually sign my drawings and paintings as Nemo, so feel free to call me like that as well 🙂 I’m the guy in the self portrait up here.

Welcome to Easel journeys! Today, October 16, 2014, I set sail for this long…journey 😀 willing to share all my artworks and exercises with you, hoping they will somehow be helpful as I found helpful other resources and tips i read online in the past! For this reason, I will regularly post drawing and painting (acrylics and watercolors for now) tips as I practice more and more, trying to become a better artist (or an artist, actually 😀 ).
What should I say? Check out the about section if you want to know more about me, and don’t forget to follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, of course!
While waiting for the first posts (and they won’t be late to come, no fear) why not having a look at the gallery? I added a few of my completed pieces there already, or at least some of the more decent sketches.

Welcome on board! See you soon!