Praying Angel

Watercolor Sketch - Praying Angel

Since I am taking part to the Graveyard Challenge on James Gurney’s blog, I went to my town’s graveyard to start thinking of my entry. I am still undecided on the subject, the quantity and variety of grave stones presenting a real challenge in summarizing them, and still preserve their identity, in the composition. I found a nice statue on one of the graves, so I stopped by to paint it.
The drawing is not excessively accurate, and I suffered from having to use a single brush, a 1/2 inch Princeton Neptune flat (with the help of a waterbrush)
I used Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre, which would have been fine to enter the challenge, but then I really wanted to experiment some of the new Supracolor pencils I got, so I guess I will give it another try next week