Watercolor Landscape studies

Using one of the references from the previous sketches, I tried with some color, without fussing too much with details.  For the first one: cobalt, alizarin crimson, raw sienna; Second one: ultramarine, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, permanent rose, lemon yellow (just a hint, could as well be excessive). I painted the sky on wet paper, let it try, then used a smaller brush (Princeton Neptune n.10) to add the background hills with a pale mix or cobalt+crimson/ultramarine+burnt sienna. Wet-on-wet coming down the land and creating lines for the fields, progressively making the paint stronger and adding more yellow. I let it dry again and added the final field stripes and bushes.

Watercolor Landscape studies


A few Landscape studies

Since I am taking the Watercolour Academy at ArtTutor, I recently did a few landscape studies in pen. The goal is to try and catch a nice composition, and possibly values, using the fewer marks possible. These first are from the class:

Landscapes studies for the Art Tutor Watercolour Academy

Next are some I did on my own as extra practice

More Landscapes studies

And here are the reference images I used for these last 3

By the way, have a look at WetCanvas, great community and immense image reference library!

See you soon with more sketches!