Watts Atelier’s Skill Building Challenge 20 – Skull

Watts Atelier Skill Building Challenge 20 Final Skull


Here is my final piece for the Watts Atelier Skill Building Challenge 20. Yes, it’s Murray!
He’s very proud of having been chosen as subject for this challenge, hopefully I will get at least a mention.
Below is the whole wip, starting from the very first lay in to the last partial of week 4 (it’s a monthly challenge)

Good luck everyone!






Still more skulls!

Continuing on my skull studies, I am trying to grasp the structure so I made a few studies focusing on that, as well as trying to recall from memory:

Skull construction Drawings
And later continued with copies from the watts atelier

Skulls drawing studies with shadow mapping

The key in these last ones was to get more of the shadow mapping, rather than real structure as in the first image. Pose number 3 (bottom left) was by far the hardest one to get, for some reason, together with number 2 (top, center)


Skulls, Skulls…and Murray

Going through Head phase I at the Watts Atelier. I am dealing with nasty skulls, and so far I admit I am quite enjoying the lessons. I don’t really like having to copy Jeff’s shadow mapped versions of them, but rather prefer copying from photos or my own skull. Right, I do have a skull, apart from the one that makes up my head 😛
And no, I did not steal it from a grave, it’s a plastic cast! Readers, meet Murray:

Murray, my drawing reference Skull

Here are some copies from the photos given in the handouts:
Skull Copy from Watts Atelier - Side View

Skull Copy from Watts Atelier - Front View

In the front view, I later noticed the skull was too large, so I tried to shrink it while drawing Murray:
Skull Copy from Watts Atelier - Side View from Life

Skull Copy from Watts Atelier - Front View from Life Shadow Map

Skull Copy from Watts Atelier - Front View from Life Shaded

I skipped posting the wrong version of Murray, the two above are the same at two different stages of completion. After the three quarters view I will do next, I will move to the simple Asaro Head.