Dancing Woman

A couple of days ago I got my first toned paper sketchbook. Yeah, I actually never tried toned paper before.
I obviously fell in love for it already 😀 Getting both darks and lights was a lot easier than I expected, and am pretty satisfied with my first sketch:
Dancing Woman Sketch on toned paperIt’s nothing more than a couple of inches tall sketch I made out of an image of Wetcanvas’ Reference Image Library. A lot can be improved, especially because I used a 2b pencil for the darks and white colored pencil (Caran D’Ache Supracolor) for the lights. I’m pretty sure I can go better with some charcoal pencils.


Punching Ball Arcade

We’ve had a (really) small fair in my town the last few days. Today, I went out for a short sketching session, hoping to find some weirdo to capture, or any decent attraction. The streets were deserted as I went out just right after lunch. I came across this quite interesting punching ball arcade , which I thought deserved to be recorded in the sketchbook:
Punching Ball Arcade SketchToo bad I am not done with my lightweight pochade easel yet, colors were decent, it would have been nice to capture those too.

Meanwhile, a guy was yelling to someone at the phone. Someone I guess owed him 75 euros. Precise 😀
While I was about to set off, a man (from the local market, he said) approached me and asked me if I could draw him as well. I told him I didn’t have enough time, but after his insisting requests I agreed on taking a very quick (15 minutes) sketch of him.

Market Guy

He was evidently convinced I could render a hyper-realistic drawing in a few seconds, so he stood still for about 5 minutes before starting to ask “are you done”. This deserves a LOL. To all of you who never picked up a pencil: no, artists can’t print out your face in a few strokes, unless they are very skilled. I am not a real artist, nor skilled, so.
The above is what I came up with, just a couple of inches tall. Despite some curious behind me whispering “PRECISO!” (meaning precise, in Italian), I think it’s not exactly like the subject. Still, practice.


Sketchwalk in Taormina

Howdy! Yes, it’s been a while. I am still trying to work out a decent post on Gamut Masking.
In the meantime, I went for a sketchwalk to Taormina, one of the most beautiful Towns here in Sicily. Here they are, nothing fancy, just quick studies, and the awful watercolor 😀

Sketchwalk Taormina 1

Sketchwalk Taormina 2

Sketchwalk Taormina 3

Sketchwalk Taormina - Watercolor


Pencil sketch of a cat: Chibi!

This is the second cat I draw, belonging to a japanese friend of mine. Does the cat look Japanese as well? 😀 He’s named Chibi, and it’s actually quite big despite the name (meaning “small” in Japanese). 15x18cm on Canson XL, HB, 2B and 8B pencils.
Pencil Sketch of a cat - ChibiI hope I can post a few new oil landscape tests on the next updated! Stay tuned!


Sketching around my town – day two

No electricity at home and a beautiful day gave me the go for another sketchwalk. I’ve been around a few hours and took quite a number of photosl and, indeed, sketched out a couple of views of this beautiful town! Here they are (click to enlarge):

Townscape Archway Cappuccini Stairs Corner


Various Sketches



Here are some of the locations on Google Maps (not all of them are accessible! 🙁  )

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

Lastly, when coming back home the weather started getting worse, and I had the chance to take quite an inspiring photograph, from which I made a 10 minutes watercolor sketch (below):

Threatening sky on the mountains

Watercolor landscape sketch - threatening sky


Sketching around my town

I went out for a sketchwalk today. I tried sketching the two major churches we have directly on location, and it was quite a struggle compared to my usual photo references! The biggest issue has been perspective, and indeed it’s noticeable how both buildings (but especially the first one) have vertical lines that come closer towards the bottom. Bad result, but it’s always practice!

Santa Maria Church - Randazzo, Italy

San Nicola Church - Randazzo, Italy