Harajiri Waterfall in gouache

gouache painting of Harajiri Waterfall I visited an area named Bungo-Takada city yesterday, and stumbled across a few interesting spots to paint. I ended up spending 1.5 hours near this waterfall, named Harajiri, and even if it’s not particularly large, the light effect of the setting sun behind them was really amazing. Gouache on brown card stock.
My palette: ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, titanium white, burnt sienna, ivory black. I wish I had a cadmium yellow to really push that shrubbery on the right towards the light, but I guess it will be for next time!


My entry for the Weeds Painting Challenge at GJ

Sicilian Weeds - poppiesI‘ve finally brave and took my oils outdoors for the first time. To entry the Weeds Painting Challenge at Gurney Journey, I wanted to try oils in plein air, instead of sticking to watercolors or gouache as I did in the past. I love painting in oils, so it was a great chance to see if doing actual direct painting is any different from using photos.

It is!

Really funny, even if I my neck got sunburnt on the left side (the downsides of standing 4 hours and a half under the sicilian sun.
Oils on wooden panel, about a4 size. Titanium white, cad yellow light, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, pyrrole red, permanent rose, ultramarine.
See my post on the Facebook Event page for the fukk work in progress
Weeds Painting Challenge WIP