Punching Ball Arcade

We’ve had a (really) small fair in my town the last few days. Today, I went out for a short sketching session, hoping to find some weirdo to capture, or any decent attraction. The streets were deserted as I went out just right after lunch. I came across this quite interesting punching ball arcade , which I thought deserved to be recorded in the sketchbook:
Punching Ball Arcade SketchToo bad I am not done with my lightweight pochade easel yet, colors were decent, it would have been nice to capture those too.

Meanwhile, a guy was yelling to someone at the phone. Someone I guess owed him 75 euros. Precise 😀
While I was about to set off, a man (from the local market, he said) approached me and asked me if I could draw him as well. I told him I didn’t have enough time, but after his insisting requests I agreed on taking a very quick (15 minutes) sketch of him.

Market Guy

He was evidently convinced I could render a hyper-realistic drawing in a few seconds, so he stood still for about 5 minutes before starting to ask “are you done”. This deserves a LOL. To all of you who never picked up a pencil: no, artists can’t print out your face in a few strokes, unless they are very skilled. I am not a real artist, nor skilled, so.
The above is what I came up with, just a couple of inches tall. Despite some curious behind me whispering “PRECISO!” (meaning precise, in Italian), I think it’s not exactly like the subject. Still, practice.