Sketching Dinosaurs

While I am still trying to figure out a decent (!) article on Gamut Mapping, I’ve started sketching a few dinosaurs from various videos and images. If you’re interested in them, you should definitely check out Discovery Dinosaurs on Youtube.
Anyway, I’ve been willing to explore the subject more in depth, having been a big fan of James Gurney, the almighty creator of Dinotopia.

I think his creative approach should be an example to any (wannabe) artist.

Here are my sketches anyway, just simple studies to get the feeling of the creatures.

Dinosaurs Sketches 1 Dinosaurs Sketches 2 Dinosaurs Sketches 3 Dinosaurs Sketches 4 Dinosaurs Sketches 5 Dinosaurs Sketches 6

Don’t ask me to name them all 😀 I can barely remember Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops

p.s. yeah I did write the idiot text on the T-rex. It totally looked like a MEH face.