Oils still life – WIP

I’ve been recently tried to wrap up what I know about oils… and ended up realizing I can’t reasonably dive into Bob Ross’s wet-on-wet technique without having, at least, explored the medium’s capabilities a bit more in depth. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself in the traditional (somehow :D) oil painting technique, layer after layer, week after week. Here is where I got.  The first image is just the base sketch on a toned ground, shaded ever so slightly to give it a defined shape:Oils Still Life WIP Stage 1 - Blocking out


Then, the main values’ underpainting, Burnt Umber (which I also used for the sketch above) and Titanium White only
Oils Still Life WIP 1 - UnderpaintingI’m particularly happy with the rose, so far. Of course, I hope I won’t mess it all up with color!
Geez, this is going to be long 😀