Getting into Oil Painting… at last!

After months of struggle trying to refine a room and make it decent enough for a painting studio, I made it! Yes-sir. And here is my new studio at last!
My new painting Studio

I couldn’t wait and immediately got involved with oils. I first make a quick blue/white sketch of some peppers (you can see them on the small table easel in the picture), then another small test of the wet-on-wet technique I saw some videos about on Art Tutor. Well, I liked it, and searched more info about it. That way I came across some amazing Oil Landscape videos by Kevin Hill (see here his website: PaintWithKevin) and eventually found out that he learned thanks to the old PBS tv show broadcasted in the eighties and early nineties, hosted by Bob Ross. His technique is just amazing, I couldn’t help buying some bigger brushes and giving it a try (you can see the beginning on the big easel on the left).

Here is the final result:



Being the first one, I’m “somehow” satisfied. I should have played more with aerial perspective but i ended up with a sea of paint and admittedly had to wipe it off almost to the bare canvas a couple of times. In any case, decent as a starting point!

See you soon with other oils then! …and not only, of course!

P.s. I didn’t use any reference image, it’s just straight out of my crazy brain