Clay Dolphin – (half)Failed!

Ok, this is my second attempt at using Super Sculpey, after making a bunch of slimes only with it (and Figaro the cat from Pinocchio, using its firmer version). 10 days of work ended up to a quite unsatisfying result. I was not able to smooth out the dolphin itself, which remained quite bumpy. As for the “waves” below it, I couldn’t get rid of the jagginess caused by the many (uneven?) layers of thin clay I applied. Definitely need to revise the method… and avoid making mistakes stand out more with enamel, next time!!
Here is before, then comes after baking and painting (was supposed to be a simple ornament, nothing fancy, but geez, it sucks! :D)
Clay Dolphin - Before Clay Dolphin - After 1

Clay Dolphin - After 2

Clay Dolphin - After 3


I should better be back to drawing! 😀