Head Maquette

I sculpted this maquette using Super Sculpey, a polymer clay that cures in the oven, wrapping up a Christmas ball just to save some clay and avoid making the sculpture too thick.
I based it on Andrew Loomis’ head planes drawings, to try to get a simplified model I could use as generic head reference.
Planes of the head maquette 3/4 Planes of the head maquette Front Planes of the head maquette SideSuper Sculpey  has a very ugly pinky-flesh color, so I painted it with many layers of acrylic white paint after curing it.


Clay Dolphin – (half)Failed!

Ok, this is my second attempt at using Super Sculpey, after making a bunch of slimes only with it (and Figaro the cat from Pinocchio, using its firmer version). 10 days of work ended up to a quite unsatisfying result. I was not able to smooth out the dolphin itself, which remained quite bumpy. As for the “waves” below it, I couldn’t get rid of the jagginess caused by the many (uneven?) layers of thin clay I applied. Definitely need to revise the method… and avoid making mistakes stand out more with enamel, next time!!
Here is before, then comes after baking and painting (was supposed to be a simple ornament, nothing fancy, but geez, it sucks! :D)
Clay Dolphin - Before Clay Dolphin - After 1

Clay Dolphin - After 2

Clay Dolphin - After 3


I should better be back to drawing! 😀


Clay sculpture: Gargoyle Mask

I know this is not exactly painting-related, but still, I’ve been working on it for the whole December, so I wanted to share this as well. Back in June, I started modeling with clay, thrilled by the possibility of taking my weird ideas into a living 3d shape. My first experiment has been a Moogle (from the Final Fantasy series) followed by Figaro, the cat, from the Classic Disney movie Pinocchio. This time I went through a harder (and bigger, so to speak) challenge: have a look at the following character

It’s Gargoyle, from a really old Japanese animated series known as “Nadia: the secret of Blue Water”. A friend of mine really likes this character, so I water to gift him with a 3d sculpture of its weird mask, instead of a simple drawing. The challenge lays in the fact that, in the anime, the expression seems to change (drawing magic, huh!) depending on the character’s mood. This is obviously not possible in reality, so I had to shape the “eyebrows” to account for the various perspectives and “moods”. I’m pretty satisfied with the result, and my friend is, as well!

Clay sculpture: Gargoyle Mask 1 Clay sculpture: Gargoyle Mask 2Clay sculpture: Gargoyle Mask 5Clay sculpture: Gargoyle Mask 3Clay sculpture: Gargoyle Mask 4