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Sketching around my town – day two

No electricity at home and a beautiful day gave me the go for another sketchwalk. I’ve been around a few hours and took quite a number of photosl and, indeed, sketched out a couple of views of this beautiful town! Here they are (click to enlarge):

Townscape Archway Cappuccini Stairs Corner


Various Sketches



Here are some of the locations on Google Maps (not all of them are accessible! 🙁  )

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

Lastly, when coming back home the weather started getting worse, and I had the chance to take quite an inspiring photograph, from which I made a 10 minutes watercolor sketch (below):

Threatening sky on the mountains

Watercolor landscape sketch - threatening sky


Sketching around my town

I went out for a sketchwalk today. I tried sketching the two major churches we have directly on location, and it was quite a struggle compared to my usual photo references! The biggest issue has been perspective, and indeed it’s noticeable how both buildings (but especially the first one) have vertical lines that come closer towards the bottom. Bad result, but it’s always practice!

Santa Maria Church - Randazzo, Italy

San Nicola Church - Randazzo, Italy