Watts Online Students Hub – Fighting the Good Fight

Fighting the Good Fight is a facebook group founded by students of the Watts Atelier Online Program, created to socialize, share artwork, get feedback, learn about resources, meet classmates and have general discussion. All Watts Atelier people welcome!

Studying online might be hard and definitely makes one feel lonelier on his journey. The goal of this group is to help classmates get in touch with each other, compare their skills and ultimately get better thanks to the feedback and advice of people who are “Fighting the Good Fight”. Why this name? 😀 Jeff Watts, founder of the school, often refers to proper training as “Fighting the Good Fight”, meaning no struggle is too hard if you are fighting for the right reason.

Come and join us on Facebook!

This page wants to be a showcase of the best artworks us online members have produced so far. The official Watts site already has a gallery, but only fro brick and mortar students. Here, we want to show everyone the power of the online training, which is often underestimated or disregarded as second choice.
If you are a member and want your artwork displayed here, feel free to send it over through my contact form!

Watts Online Students Gallery