Jailbird Jousters Art Group

The Jailbird Jousters is a group of passionate art students from the Watts Atelier of the Arts, gathering every week for video hangouts and constantly sharing opinions, ideas and artworks for critique, in a creative, fun and stimulating atmosphere!

Are you a Watts student too? Come and join us every Friday night (3PM PST, 4PM MST, 5PM CST, 6PM EST, 10PM GMT, 11PM CET, and 9:00AM AEDT) on Google Hangouts! Feel free to get in touch with me through my contact form and I will be happy to get you into the group, as we are still accepting members.

Each hangout usually lasts about 3 hours, during which some of us paint, some others just share ideas or discuss various topics. Come and go as you please!

We also have a Facebook group where to post our artworks and get feedback from our fellow Jousters, an invaluable resource to fill the gap of the online school and create tighter bonds with people on the same journey.

If you are not a Watts student yet, you can have a look at my Watts Atelier review here on the site, and, why not, join the program and become a member of the Jousters as well!
Here follows a Gallery of the various works of the Jousters. Some of them are complete, some others just drafts and works in progress.

Jousters Gallery