Head Drawing with Erik Gist, week 3 progress

Erik Gist Head Drawing class week 3

I am taking a head drawing class with Erik Gist (who is also my mentor, actually), and I am really excited about it!
Each week’s class is packed with great info, and the quality is just unparalleled. I still need to work on some edges, but I feel like I am slowly progressing and breaking the plateau.

I also get weekly critiques and video traceovers, which are an amazing tool for learning and clearly visualizing weak areas to focus on.

This one was about 2 hours!


The classic Asaro Head

I have been working on the asaro head recently, this time with an added complexity. This is actually the “Classic” model, while the previous one was simplified, and supposed to be memorized. I am actually trying to memorize this  as well, although I admit the facets are a lot, and hard to remember.

Classic Asaro Head - Complex 3/4 Classic Asaro Head - Easy 3/4 Classic Asaro Head - Front Classic Asaro Head - Easy Profile Classic Asaro Head - Complex Profile

P.S. I am not drunk, the head actually does have two different sides, one easier, the other more resembling a real face.


Head Maquette

I sculpted this maquette using Super Sculpey, a polymer clay that cures in the oven, wrapping up a Christmas ball just to save some clay and avoid making the sculpture too thick.
I based it on Andrew Loomis’ head planes drawings, to try to get a simplified model I could use as generic head reference.
Planes of the head maquette 3/4 Planes of the head maquette Front Planes of the head maquette SideSuper Sculpey  has a very ugly pinky-flesh color, so I painted it with many layers of acrylic white paint after curing it.