About Me

Self PortraitHowdy everyone!

I’m Fabio (also known as Nemo), and this is my personal sketchbook blog.

I’ve been drawing for all my life, and fell in love with painting as well since 2012. Therefore, since I keep practicing both drawing and painting (watercolors, gouache and oils), I’d like to share my exercises and sometimes finished pieces with everyone, since I always found useful to see what other aspiring artist practice with, and often got some great inspiration from that.

For this reason I hope you can tag along and my (big) mistakes can be useful to help you improve your skills as well!

Ah, more about me? Well, I’m 28 and currently live in Japan with my wife. If you happen to be around Kyushu, and want to get in touch for a sketchwalk, or for whatever other reason, feel free to contact me!