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Chinaman’s Revenge

A few months back, I had painted this picture of Chinaman’s Bluff.
I have never loved it, so I painted over it with burnt sienna,and tried to make something better out of it. This is the result.
Chinaman's Bluff Oil Painting
I am happy with it, this time. First of all, I re-thought the composition, since it was really poor. This time I did not slavishly follow the photo reference, but used others as well to help me make up the final image.
Then, I used a gamut mask of my hand painted color wheel to get the main colors. The shape is a triangle with one vertex on the brightest yellow, and the other two respectively on the second mostly gray blue ad purple (shown below)
Gamut Mask for Chinaman's Bluff
The photo is a bit more orange than the actual painting, which tends a bit more towards green compared to it.
Here are some passages of the painting:
Chinaman's Revenge WIP 1
Chinaman's Revenge WIP 2


Painting your own Color Wheel

Hand Painted YURMBY Color Wheel

I’ve spent the last week painting my own color wheel, using a printed YURMBY one as reference. I failed in getting a greeny enough cyan and saturated enough purple. The cyan is also too light compared to the others (I took its lightness up with white).

Colors I used: Cad Yellow Light, Scarlet Lake (soon to be replaced by Pyrrole Red), Permanent Rose, Ultramarine, Primary Cyan, Titanium White, Mixture of Ivory Black and Raw Umber for the gray.

Here was my setupPainting a color wheel