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Snow Capped mountains

Continuing on the Watercolor academy of Art Tutor, in the last exercise I created a couple of simple snow scenes. I painted in the sky first, laying down a layer of phthalo blue on wet paper (around the mountain itself), then letting it dry, re-wetting and adding a thin mix of ultramarine and permanent rose to darken the atmosphere a bit.

It’s important to leave the mountain white, and gradually add in snow shades using cobalt + ultramarine + permanent rose. Lost and hard edges are vital to “form” the snow coverage itself. The last step is to use a dry-brush effect with some really thick burnt umber, varied and darkened with ultramarine blue to create a sense of 3d shapes in the rocks. As simple as it is, give it a go 🙂


Watercolor Snow Capped MountainsBy the way, the first one should be the Matterhorn…I guess! 😀



Watercolor Landscape studies

Using one of the references from the previous sketches, I tried with some color, without fussing too much with details.  For the first one: cobalt, alizarin crimson, raw sienna; Second one: ultramarine, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, permanent rose, lemon yellow (just a hint, could as well be excessive). I painted the sky on wet paper, let it try, then used a smaller brush (Princeton Neptune n.10) to add the background hills with a pale mix or cobalt+crimson/ultramarine+burnt sienna. Wet-on-wet coming down the land and creating lines for the fields, progressively making the paint stronger and adding more yellow. I let it dry again and added the final field stripes and bushes.

Watercolor Landscape studies


A few Landscape studies

Since I am taking the Watercolour Academy at ArtTutor, I recently did a few landscape studies in pen. The goal is to try and catch a nice composition, and possibly values, using the fewer marks possible. These first are from the class:

Landscapes studies for the Art Tutor Watercolour Academy

Next are some I did on my own as extra practice

More Landscapes studies

And here are the reference images I used for these last 3

By the way, have a look at WetCanvas, great community and immense image reference library!

See you soon with more sketches!


Welcome everyone!

Self Portrait Sketch

…Me 😀

Hey everybody! I’m Fabio, nice to meet you! Well, I usually sign my drawings and paintings as Nemo, so feel free to call me like that as well 🙂 I’m the guy in the self portrait up here.

Welcome to Easel journeys! Today, October 16, 2014, I set sail for this long…journey 😀 willing to share all my artworks and exercises with you, hoping they will somehow be helpful as I found helpful other resources and tips i read online in the past! For this reason, I will regularly post drawing and painting (acrylics and watercolors for now) tips as I practice more and more, trying to become a better artist (or an artist, actually 😀 ).
What should I say? Check out the about section if you want to know more about me, and don’t forget to follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, of course!
While waiting for the first posts (and they won’t be late to come, no fear) why not having a look at the gallery? I added a few of my completed pieces there already, or at least some of the more decent sketches.

Welcome on board! See you soon!